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The latest news from Team Hough

The latest news from Team Hough

Written by: Arabella Clegg

1. How is the 2018 season going for you currently?

We have had a good summer season, we've been to great shows around Europe and I have given some experience to a few new exciting horses. I am working towards rebuilding my team for this winter and next season.

2. What has been your best result so far?
That would have to be when Waterford was second in the 5* at Treffen which was a very exciting class for us and of course an incredible venue. He was also third in an incredibly fast jump off at Stephex Masters 5*.

3. Where are you headed for in the Autumn?
The team will head into the indoor season here in Europe over the fall before we make the move to Florida. For now Liege, Masstricht and Stockholm are all on the schedule.

4. Who are your stable stars currently?
Waterford, "Walter" is definitely the work horse of the family and has been a star all summer. Absolhut and Firefly W are also two very exciting horses to have as part of the team.

5.Have there been any major changes so far this year?
The biggest change we have had to deal with is not having Oh La La currently jumping. She's been steadfast for so long, but now has given the others a chance to shine.

6. Which Haygain product/s are you finding most useful at home and away at competitions?
The Haygain steam bag makes it possible to feed quality consistent hay to the horses while they travel. We can try to manage respiratory and gastric issues that can often arise during traveling and competing. We also love the nebuliser. It really makes a difference to certain horses and is a wonderful piece of equipment to have.