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Andrea D. Ellis, PhD, MRSB

Dr Andrea D. Ellis is a renowned equine scientist, whose early research focused on food intake behaviour and nutrient digestion in horses and sheep, and set her on a path of becoming a specialist in equine nutrition and behaviour. After working as a Scientific Researcher in the The Netherlands, for four years, she joined Nottingham Trent University as Senior Lecturer, where she led the design of the MSc in Equine Health and Welfare.

Andrea now runs her own company UNEQUI, Science and Creativity. She is passionate about animal nutrition and welfare, good science and biology education.  Andrea lectures and carries out research in Nutrition, Behaviour, Welfare and Ethics at various institutions, such as the University of Edinburgh and Nottingham Trent University and recently collaborated on the first Global Equine Nutrition Course on  Through the UNEQUI creativity arm, Andrea also provides illustrations, event photography and scientific drawings.