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ComfortStall offers numerous respiratory and joint health benefits for stabled horses:

  • Improved joint health
  • Improved respiratory health
  • Elimination of hock sores
  • Improved quality of rest
  • Relieves symptoms of laminitis
  • Reduces need for stable bandaging
  • Whole body recumbent support
  • Thermal insulation
  • Requires significantly less bedding
  • Delivering a return on investment typically in less than one year

What people say

"We have found the floor to be very hard wearing with good grip even when wet. It is not overly soft, yet allows enough give for horses to lie comfortably until ready to rise post anaesthetic...It has been an excellent purchase" Lisadell Equine Hospital

"Nothing but the best for Brentina – safety and comfort come first! We love our ComfortStall products" Bob and Debbie McDonald

"Product is easy to install. Horses seem to love it. Hock sores have almost gone away in less than 2 weeks…..Very pleased!” Martha Yearwood

"We have been on a quest to create as close to a dust free environment as possible for our horses…..and the greatly reduced bedding, due to the ComfortStall, I believe we can’t do any better." Lisa West

"We are delighted with the ComfortStall flooring" Deirdre O'Reilly Show Jumping, Ireland

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