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Haygain HG Go

$ 1,999.00
Haygain HG Go

Haygain HG Go

$ 1,999.00
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Ideal for travelling to shows, the HG Go portable hay steaming system enables you to travel light, leaving your main Haygain unit at home, whilst still maintaining a consistent quality of forage. 
It is also ideal for yards without electricity, since the hay can be steamed elsewhere and then taken to the yard. The HG Go's robust shell allows temperatures to reach over 100 degree centigrade - vital for killing mould spores and bacteria in the hay.
Eliminating respirable dust and mould, the HG Go kills up to 96% of bacteria, whilst improving forage palatability and retaining the nutritional goodness of the hay.
  • Ideal for 1-2 horses
  • Up to 10-15 kg hay capacity (half bale or two haynets)
  • Compact 1500W generator
  • 3.5L water capacity
  • 60 minute single cycle time

Useful information:

 Other information:

  • Weatherproof and UV protected
  • Patent title: Apparatus for and Method of Steam Treating of Fodder (Official No 2009299652)
  • Made in the United Kingdom

*** Haynet not included***

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