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Warren Schofield MA, VetMB, CertES, MRCVS, DipECVS

Warren Schofield MA, VetMB, CertES, MRCVS, DipECVS

We have been using the naturally steamed hay from the Haygain hay steamer on our post-operative colic cases, which is proving very useful in the recuperation and assisting in return to feeding. It is highly palatable for horses that may be slow to eat following surgery and while on extended time indoors. The Haygain teamed hay is also a welcomed feed for owners of horses prone to laminitis, as they now can feed succulent forage, without the worry of giving too much protein. The increased palatability also enables a hay of lower nutritional quality to be fed to these horses. We have also found the Haygain steamed hay is the ideal roughage for horses that have respiratory problems. Steaming eliminates all dust and fungal spores, while leaving the nutritional value of the hay intact. This means that you can ensure your hay is not a contributory factor in any respiratory allergy or airway sensitivity. We recommend that owners with horses showing signs of allergies steam their hay in this unique way, making sure their hay is not causing any stress on the horses' respiratory system. We would see Haygain hay steamers as a valuable tool in preventing breathing problems in horses; the Haygain hay steamers are a robust and very effective steamer and are a welcome installation at Troytown Equine Hospital.