Physical and Psychological Health

Haygain's Forager simulates natural grazing which protects physical health and helps to reduce stable boredom and associated stable vices.

  • The Forager helps a horse to mimic a natural eating position of the head low and straight to the ground. The benefits of a low eating position include protecting the eyes and allowing for natural respiratory drainage. It's also important for correct teeth and jaw movement. 

  • By allowing a horse to eat in a straight downward motion, The Forager protects muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments from any stress and strain that can be associated with other methods of slow feeding.  

  • The Forager helps to reduce stable boredom, anxiety and associated stable vices such as box walking, stall kicking and weaving by providing the horse with constant access to forage. The Forager can significantly increase the overall feeding time (see chart in Weight Management)


"For once his hay lasted all night!"

"Easy to assemble and fill."

"Pleased at how robust it is and that it hasn’t come apart 

during use."

"Very easy to set up and in use at the yard."


International Eventer, Team GB

What is The Forager

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More Benefits of The Forager

Physical and Psychological Health are just some of the many benefits of The Forager. The Forager is the ideal slow feeder that encourages a natural slow and steady way of eating forage to ensure your horse stays healthy and happy.