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The benefits of ComfortStall flooring 

Improved respiratory and joint health, and a typical saving in bedding costs of 75%

The benefits... 

  • Improves joint health. Improved movement, flexibility         and hoof quality through enhanced support to joints,             tendons and ligaments from the therapeutic properties         of ComfortStall’s level surface that “springs” back with         every step.
  •  Improves respiratory health. Stable air quality is                greatly improved because the sealed impermeable              one-piece Ironclad™ Top Cover design prevents the            build-up of urea, bacteria and the resulting                            harmful ammonia.

  •  Eliminates hock sores caused by flooring. Thanks to the        non-slip, non-abrasive surface horses can get up without            scuffling. The horse's hooves sink into the padded floor to          give grip when rising. 
  • Improves quality of rest. Horses sleeping on ComfortStall         flooring have been seen sleeping for hours at a time, getting       the all-important REM sleep. 
  •  Relieves horses suffering from sore feet and symptoms        of laminitis. The padded flooring provides a comfortable            and supportive cushioning, encouraging the horse to lie              down. 
  • Reduces the need for stable bandaging. The ‘spring’ in           the cushioned flooring massages the horse’s frogs, which           stimulates blood circulation.  
  •  Provides recumbent whole-body support. The padded            flooring system provides the needed ‘give’ under the hip,            shoulder and pastern bones when the horse lies down and          rises. 
  •  Provides thermal insulation. ComfortStall insulates from          the cold and damp of concrete and packed-earth floors. 
  • Requires less bedding. ComfortStall significantly reduces         the need to use straw, paper, cardboard, wood pellets, or           other bedding for protection – bedding is needed only to             absorb body waste. 
  •  Increases return on Investment. Less bedding*, reduced          cleaning time and no flooring maintenance; all adding up to        a significant reduction in costs, and a return on investment          typically of less than one year. 
      *75% reduction in shavings on average

Respiratory health begins with eliminating urine escape routes. Traditional stable mats have seams and gaps which allow urine to seep through and disappear into the floor of the stable. This urine decomposes to form urea, which gives off ammonia.

“The inhalation of high concentrations of ammonia in air causes immediate burning of the nose, throat and respiratory tract. This can cause bronchiolar and alveolar edema, and airway destruction resulting in respiratory distress or failure.” (New York State Department of Health) 

By installing ComfortStall, which is completely impermeable, it is possible to eliminate this major source of equine, and human, ill-health.

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