Steamer Reviews from Horse Owners

Our products are used and recommended by horse owners all over the world. Many of our customers have shared their amazing stories, here is a selection of them. 

Lynda Goodfriend & Brooke

Dressage enthusiast Lynda's new horse Brooke started coughing severely with a lot of nasal discharge. Treatment by her vet as well as steroids didn't help and it was only until she switched to steamed hay that Brooke's symptoms started to improve. " I read about Haygain Hay Steamer and it all made sense", says Lynda. Brooke loves the steamed hay, "It must taste as good as it smells!" adds Lynda.

Margot McNally & Runic

"Within 10 days of starting on steamed hay, she was able to go completely off her medications and go back to work." , says Margot. Runic was diagnosed with equine asthma and put on bronchodilator medication, Respipulmin, to ease Runic's breathing. It helped but it also cost $15 per day for the rest of Runic's life meant this would be an expensive option so Margot did her own research and then found Haygain! 

Dr Jean Davis & Coconut

Coconut was diagnosed with equine asthma and palate displacement, caused by her severe coughing. “I bought a steamer as a Christmas present to myself,” Jean recounts. But it’s Coconut who received the gift’s biggest benefits. In the year that the mare’s been on Haygain steamed hay, she has not required any of the corticosteroids, supplements or other medications used over the preceding three years to manage her condition.

Whendy Goddich & Sunni

"Her life is changed, there's no more coughing, she can breathe."According to Whendy, there's no other explanation for her horse's transformation from 'nearly dropping dead' from Recurrent Airway Obstruction. "Heaves is horrible, at her worst moments, Sunni was  swaying, gasping for air, and looking like she would go down any moment. I have asthma myself, so I knew what she was going through." Whendy says. 

 "Eventually, if you love your horses, you are going to have to steam their hay. Things won't get better without it."

Fiona Whiteway

"Steaming her hay made such a massive difference, she is not itchy at all anymore and there is no coughing at all, Bow is the fussiest mare you could meet when it comes to hay, she will go on hunger strike if she does not like a bale of hay or if it is dusty which can be worrying as I don’t want her dropping weight! The Haygain steamer has been brilliant for this, Bow now calls to me from across the yard when she smells the steamed hay and she finishes up every last scrap which is great. She also always used to make such a mess in the stable by dunking the hay but now it is steamed she doesn’t need to.”

Caroline Perrett

"Possibly the best investment I have ever made! After years of freezing hands, breaking layers of ice, additional time spent in the cold and dark on my own I decided that I would save up and treat myself to a Haygain 600 steamer. This has reduced my workload massively, saves my back trying to lug around water logged haynets and the horses love the steamed hay much more than cold, wet hay. Customer service and delivery were excellent and I can honestly say that I have not looked back. Please don't think that you have to be rich, own a livery yard or have electric at your yard as I have none of these things. I fill up haynets each night and take them home with me to steam in my garage, I then transport them back up the yard in the evening... easy and smells lush. So glad I took the plunge, I'm one happy horsey lady."

Angela Stokes

"The Haygain is exactly what it says it is, my mare that spent all last year coughing hasn’t coughed once this year, they absolutely love the steamed hay and don’t waste any.Yes initial outlay is expensive but far cheaper in the long run than calling out the vet! Honestly l was in 2 minds whether the Haygain steamer would actually work but it’s like a miracle cure lol no coughs, no struggling to walk up hills when we go out riding, all l say is long may it last."

Gillian G 

"Worth every penny! This is a quality piece of kit. It feels robust, is simple to use and does the job efficiently in 60 minutes. We have it on a countdown timer so no need to switch it off. It comfortably takes two large haynets and is easy to clean. It sits on a pallet so that a tray can collect the drainage. Every evening we set it up ready to just switch on in the morning. The horses love the hay and eat all of it, no dry coughs either. For me a major benefit is no more colossally heavy haynets to lift out of soakers. My back thanks you Haygain!"

Lesley Knevitt

"Congrats Haygain for your continued marvellous customer service to back up your equally fabulous product. My three horses' respiratory health has been changed beyond belief after switching totally to steamed hay this past winter, when my haygain steamer has been on overtime .... still in daily use even now in the summer months, as they are on restricted grazing so their ration of steamed hay is welcomed for breakfast each day! Worth every penny, and particularly for the complementary advice and customer care."

Sheryl W

"Very pleased with our purchase, robust, easy to use and and dry coughs disappeared almost immediately. Would definitely recommend."

Penniwells Riding for the Disabled

"All our horses and ponies at Penniwells RDA are on Haygain steamed hay - they love it and we have no coughs or runny noses. Thank you, Haygain."


"Wish we had bought one sooner. The horses love it! Horses which you used to be on soaked hay for health reasons, do very well on the steamed hay. Very economical on water compared to soaking and so easy to use. Would never go back to soaking. A fantastic product, Thank You!"

Caroline Williamson

"We’ve been using the Haygain Steamer for just over a month and it’s made ours and the horses lives so much better. The coughs have disappeared and they are all so much healthier eating steamed and we’re not wasting so much as they love it! The staff at Haygain are really helpful-nothing is too much trouble and the service they provide is well worth the 5 stars."

Angela Stokes & Patsy

"I purchased the Haygain steamer for 'My Patsy’ (Patsy) grey 7yo mare bred in Ireland by Womanizer (KWPN) out of a Lux Z mare (Lux Like Patsy Hanoverian). She is super fun but also very sensitive which includes her environment. Patsy had an intermittent niggling cough. We altered bedding, vacuumed stables etc. She is a fantastically good doer and I keep my horses on a mainly forage based diet with very little additional feed- just enough for supplements and no cereals. Therefore, quality of the hay is really important and am not a fan of haylage. Her cough continued and I read your reviews so decided to purchase. I am a huge sceptic of horsey marketing having grown up with frugal hunting grandparents - the type that had one saddle for 15 horses!. Within 2 days cough has gone, she has more energy, I am feeding less because there is no waste so none soaked in stable droppings and it smells amazing. My veteran, Max, (the chestnut - retired 3*) also loves it. Also your payment options are really in tune with a market of owners that work hard to fund their sport, the payments over 6 months made it so much easier."

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